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Hi there!

My name is Sarah Tyschenko I started my journey as someone who loved art and drawing. As I turned to design, that background remained relevant in my work. I find that illustration offers unique potential when creating a memorable visual language, and so I strive to always bring a zany, eye-catching style to my pieces. Whether that be by playing with hand-drawn type or manipulating familiar images to create something fresh and new, I continue to explore ways to further express my passion as part of graphic design!

My Values

Keep Learning

No matter how long you've been in ANY industry, there is always room for improvement. I take lessons from those I work with, and from people I discover. Be inspired, try a new way of doing things. Experience and knowledge will always go a long way. 

Creativity is Key

Don't be afraid to be the person doodling in the margins of their notebook. Or on their arm. Or on their shoes! Try different styles, embrace new techniques. I design, I draw, I've taught dance, I take ceramics. It's the creative outlets that keep me sane.

Grow Grow Grow

Don't shy from new opportunities, even if they're ones you're not fully qualified for. We learn by doing, and we can't shy away from putting ourselves out there for professional growth due to a lack of experience. 

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