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Homepage Case Study

Dealer eProcess offers a large selection of templates for dealerships to choose from for their website homepages.

ROLE: Graphic Designer

Visual Design, Research


Dealer eProcess is a Certified Website Provider for over a dozen OEM programs. Each homepage template offered to client dealerships has been subjected to compliance review to ensure total adherence to that OEM's brand guidelines. Designers at Dealer eProcess are periodically encouraged to submit new design options to add to their showcase.

(Pending review and approval by OEM programs) 


Goals / Vision

In my time running design meetings at Dealer eProcess, trends have become apparent for what dealerships want for their website homepages. The common concerns when choosing a template are:

- Quick access to key Call To Actions. These need to be above the fold.

- Imagery to feature new and/or popular vehicles. 

- Visible dealership testimonials.

- Designing for mobile: Reduced scrolling for the customer's benefit.

The goal of the design was to take up a minimal amount of space, with easily located CTAs. The design also aims to have minimal changes that could be required for different OEM programs (e.g. banner size). 


A finalized design was produced using Nissan's brand guidelines, using minimal color and overlapping elements to highlight the layout. 

Assets were obtained from nissan

Sarah Tyschenko_NADA submission_2021.jpg
NADA submission_2021_mobile.jpg
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