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Poke Bros



Established in 2015 and located in three states across the US, Poke Bros offers fast, casual, and healthy ingredients for instantly lovable cuisine.



Product Designer

Product Strategy, Research, Visual Design


A personal fav restaurant of mine, this project is a concept for a Poke Bros delivery app. This would allow users to order directly from their nearest Poke Bros instead of using third-party apps or delivery sites. Users will be able to customize popular menu items as well as craft their own unique bowl from scratch. 

Early Work

The app would be straightforward for navigation. Users would choose their menu items and be able to add any of the customizations that can be found at the Poke Bros locations. A special requests section would be included for those may want to remove certain ingredients from main menu items.

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The page designs of the app were produced following Poke Bro's established visual identity. Menu items include imagery to give users an idea of ingredients even before they reach the build-your-own pages. A clean and fresh design for a restaurant that offers clean, fresh (also delicious) products!

Loading Screen

Loading Page

A delicious meal is a few taps away.

Menu Screen

Menu Page

Browse the Poke Bros menu, or start your own custom bowl from scratch.

Item Page

Item Page

Customize your order by choosing your base, toppings, sauces, etc.

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Order Page

Review and place your order!

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