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Study Abroad App

Study Abroad is a mobile app designed to simplify the process of looking at foreign universities.


The app would allow students who are interested in studying internationally to compare a variety of university specifics such as visa requirements, available housing, and curriculum. 

ROLE: Product Designer, August 2019 – May 2020

Product Strategy, Competitive & User Research, Visual Design, Presentation

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Within the U.S. alone international students can make up 5 percent of the total student population. Our client sought to bring together a growing list of universities willing to share information to make comparing their programs an engaging and simple experience.


Particularly when looking at multiple schools or countries for study, it can be a challenge to compare programs. Issues can arise in getting overwhelmed with requirements & program prerequisites, or with keeping information on multiple universities organized enough for a comprehensive comparison. Key issues that needed to be addressed included:


- Users needed to be able to narrow down results to schools that met the criteria they were interested in.


- Users needed to be able to save schools or courses to be easily referenced at a later time.


- We wanted users to know not just about the offered programs, but also be able to get an idea of what life would be like on and around campus.


Understanding these challenges, we developed these goals:

- Users should be able to sort by Course, Country, and University.

- Users should be able to do side-by-side comparisons of "favorites".

- Users should be able to see not only program specifics but also university facilities, housing options, and application requirments. 


With a clear vision of the functionality and layout of the app, it was time to develop our visual design. We went with a cheerful color scheme and simplistic style to keep the user on-task and free of distraction. 

Our owl-esque mascot S.A.M. became the final touch. Friendly face ever-present as our users explore the next step in their education journey.

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Loading Page

Excited for this next step in your education? So is S.A.M.

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Login Page

Users can sign in to their account to access their saved information. 

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Sort University

Users who already have a university in mind can find the school of their choice. 

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University Page

Users can browse categories for a selected university. See how the university is rated, and favorite the school to view later.   

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Housing Page

Users can see what housing options are available on campus.   

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Comparison Page

Users can compare information on favorited courses or universities. 

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